You’ll need to find a water source and need a system to filter water. Rifle Elk and Combination Drop Camps. For information and pricing on individual hunt types please click on the links below: Here are some important links to help you plan your Wyoming hunting or fishing vacation. It seems to follow the progression of many DIY Elk hunters. Gear considerations are similar to a drop camp, but you won’t have to worry about food and you’ll likely be able to leave the pack frame at home. Right now my current favorite pack set up is the Metcalf from Mystery Ranch. $2,500.00 For me, elk hunting has become a passion that I focus on all year. We're dedicated to serving our sportsman's needs and our goal is 100% satisfaction and success. Here at Jenkins Hunting Camp we will help to make you feel at home, with delicious home cooked meals, beautiful scenery, and warm beds to sleep in! This gives the hunter good opportunity at a bull elk. If you take an elk on a bivy hunt and pack it off the mountain, you will definitely feel like you earned it! We offer DIY unguided drop camp hunts for the individual or group hunting either elk, deer, or antelope. Wilderness Pack-In Hunts – A classic backcountry western hunt. If you are looking for a challenging Wyoming trophy bull elk hunt, we offer a mountain elk hunt with large bugling bulls for you to chase. As the drop camp has most of the camping gear covered, (you’ll want your own sleeping bag), you can focus on your hunting gear and game processing and retrieval gear. You’ll have a camp cook to prepare meals. Over the years, both our elk hunting base camps have enjoyed a 75%-90% success rate. We put in long days scouting the country, packing-in, and preparing a comfortable camp. Oct. 13-20 & Oct. 14-21. I prefer the gravity fed filtration systems like this one from Life Straw. Game processing and retrieval, (It turns out that it’s helpful to have a plan for getting a 700+ pound animal off the mountain if you’re successful). Archery and rifle hunts. If you’re interested in a backcountry bivy hunt, Cam Hanes wrote the definitive guide on the subject in his book, Backcountry Bowhunting. You’ll have a team that’s working hard to show you a good time and hopefully helps you find an elk. Wall tent living, wilderness, and numerous elk and deer. The ranch was homesteaded in the early 1900s and the camp was started in 1980. We will supply the food and 1 guide for 3 to 5 hunters. Generally speaking the lighter the gear, the more it costs. The drop camp is a great middle ground between a complete DIY adventure and a fully guided hunt. Rifle Elk, Deer or Bear. We hunt Elk Area 93 (limited quota) and Elk Area 82 (general). Duffer December 14,17. The camp sits at 8500 feet elevation and is a two-hour horseback ride from the trailhead. A general rule of thumb is to carry no more than a third of your body weight. Drop camps are an alternative for the in-shape experienced hunter who may be on a budget or who may just not want to feed livestock all year to use for 1 week a year but wants to get away from the crowds and access the remote parts of elk country and have energy enough when he gets there to actually hunt. Welcome to Timberline Lodge & Big Country Outfitters. Archery -over the counter either sex Elk Tags Muzzleloader – draw 2-3 pts. Including cleaning, quartering and packing their elk back to camp. (container with petroleum jelly cotton), Headlamp, flashlight, and extra batteries, Earplugs (some of my hunting buddies snore), Emergency Filling Material (I like to be prepared), Camp clothes – shorts, t-shirts, camp pants, Propane lantern in case and extra mantels, 120-quart coolers (2) (You can fit a quartered elk in two 120 quart coolers if you bone out your elk you can get by with one cooler). Every outfitter will have their own specifics so be sure to check to see what’s including in the price. The Best Montana Drop Camp Hunts. Our guided trips take you into the Hoback region of the Rocky Mountains, where you can see all the big game species Wyoming has to offer including Elk, Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Moose, Mountain Lion, … I’ve tried multiple pack options for elk hunting. Drop camps afford hunters the opportunity to pack deep into wilderness areas without the fatigue, small weight constraints, and lack of amenities associated with backpacking. Generally speaking the lighter the gear, the more it costs. We even help dress and pack out your animals. Drop camps will typically come complete with wall tents, cots, tables, chairs and a water supply nearby at a minimum. Our experienced horses and mules, and quality gear and camp equipment make your back country elk hunt, mule deer hunt, or pack trip comfortable and enjoyable. Planning my elk hunting gear is a year-round process of optimization. A benefit of a drop camp style hunt over truck camping is you’ll be able to access designated wilderness areas where vehicles are not allowed. A less expensive variation of the drop camp is to just rent some horses and pack animals and bring your own tents and camping gear. Elk hunting is the main attraction in the Flat Tops Wilderness and White River National Forest but contact us to discuss bear, moose or mule deer hunts. We drop you off for the duration of five days. These camps located in excellent Elk and Deer hunting areas. The name comes from the bivy sack that you sleep in at night. packing services. These are special draw hunts for branch antlered bulls and the areas we guide in are the Peaches Ridge and Observatory Units. Hopefully, this has given you some ideas to consider when you’re planning your next hunt. Unguided Wilderness Drop Camp. Our elk hunting area is very close to the Idaho border. We offer DIY unguided drop camp hunts for the individual or group hunting either elk, deer, or antelope. The hunting camp is located in the famous Fitspatrick Wilderness, southeast of Dubois. Base Camp Hunts – We offer fully guided horseback elk and deer hunts out of our base camp cabins. Wilderness drop camps provide an outstanding approach to get out west and experience the ultimate thrill of big game hunting. The gear you need for an elk hunt will generally fall into three main categories: In this article, we’re going to take a look at how your type of hunt affects your gear requirements and review a sample gear list to give you some ideas to consider as you plan for your hunt. The ranch borders four miles of the Bridger-Teton National Forest in … Elk hunting requires a lot of gear and careful planning. You will be expected to clean up your camp area when the hunt is finished. A Pro to help with game processing and getting your elk off the mountain. Cow Tag 7 Day Package 5 Days Of Hunting $1,800 / Horse Camp $1,000 / ATV Camp / New hunt! Our drop camp is set up prior to your hunt and is located in prime Elk country in a designated Wilderness area. Success rate in this area is 75% with a rifle and 40% with a bow. Big Game Hunting Drop Camps are a more self- and cost-efficient way to have a Wild Man adventure. The name comes from the bivy sack that you sleep in at night. A big benefit of this type of hunt is you can cover more ground and camp where you find elk. Most outfitters will limit you to about 50 pounds of gear per person, not including your rifle or bow. This is a hunt for minimalists who like to rough it. This Drop Camp Elk Hunt is $1750 per hunter for 3 or more hunters or $2500 per hunter for 2 hunters. CK Hunting Camp is on a 6,000 acre, family-owned working ranch in western Wyoming. Drop Camps : Our wilderness drop camps are situated in beautiful pine and aspen tree rimmed areas (areas that elk … The typical drop camp hunt will include packing you and party into a camp on horses, and your outfitter will also have a combination of pack horses, mules and sometimes a donkey to carry your gear. Truck camping offers the best combination of low cost and accessibility, and many public hunting areas across the West allow motorized vehicles. For bivy hunts, freeze-dried food and a Jet Boil are the way to go. You are responsible for your own food, gear, tents and water. What can I live without? The con of renting horses over a drop camp is you will either need to tend to your horses for the duration of your hunt or you will need to return them and hike back in on foot. I hunt with guys I served with in the military. Rifle 1st season (elk only draw no points required) Rifle 2nd combo Elk over the counter / Deer (draw 2-3pts.) 51 Ranch Outfitters specializes in providing drop camps in the Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness Area for Elk, Deer, Bear, and Mountain Lion hunts. This mountain-style elk hunt offers good numbers of resident elk. If you have any questions or if you would like to book a trip please call by clicking on the contact us link. A fully-guided hunt offers everything that the drop camp offers, with three big additions: Fully-guided hunts can be expensive, and they’re worth the investment. horseback rides Split Fork Outfitters' top-quality services are provided by knowledgeable guides and packers. We also hunt Deer Area 162 (limited quota) and Deer Area 155/Region H (general). The complexity comes from all the factors that you have to consider when planning your hunt. They may be right outside your tent flap or in the next drainage over. Load your pack, and then go on some long hikes with it at home to really get a sense of how it feels before your trip. PACK TRIPS & DROP CAMPS, BIGHORN MOUNTAINS, WY: Southfork Mountain Lodge and Outfitters can provide you and your family or group with fully-outfitted pack or drop trips into the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area of the Big Horn Mountains and Bighorn National Forest. We drop you and your fellow hunters off at camp, set up your equipment, and check in on you every day. DIY Drop Camps – For the DIY hunter, our drops camps reside in proven hunting areas for elk and mule deer. The gear you need for your elk hunt is going to vary significantly depending on the location, time of year, and type of hunt. Drop camp hunts are not for everyone, but if you are an experienced hunter and are comfortable in remote backcountry locations this hunt is a lot of fun. For a more relaxing hunt, try our River Bottom, Prairie or Foothills Elk Hunts while staying in our private hunting lodge. This allows you more time and energy to do what you love most…hunt! Complete tent camp with equipment set up. Truck camping also allows you to haul in an ATV which can be a great help with game retrieval. Take the time to optimize your load at home. It also requires that you are in top physical shape.I think a bivy hunt is one of the more interesting hunts to plan because it’s a game of ounces. Great article! We also offer both guided and DIY unguided drop camps for fly fishing, bait fishing, and ice fishing. We are based in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of western Wyoming home to the Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule deer, Shiras Moose, Pronghorn Antelope and … Our elk hunting trips are set for 7 days. Pro Tip: If you’re planning a hunt that involves horses, find someplace where you can learn some basic horsemanship before you go, it will make you and your mount a lot more comfortable. We offer Outfitted and Non-Outfitted drop camps for hunters who prefer a more do-it-yourself type of hunting experience All of our Drop Camps are located in the backcountry best accessed by horseback and pack string. Oct. 23-30 & Oct. 24-31. A Semi-Guided hunt is an economical way for a group of hunters to get out in the back country and do some good Elk hunting with a little help from a guide. Unparalled adventure hunting for high altitude eld and/or deer, plus muzzle loader and archery hunts for elk or deer. We are a licensed and insured Wyoming outfitter. This cuts into actual hunting time. 8 day hunts. Welcome to Thunder Ridge Outfitters. Our drop camp tent set up is in prime habitat for mule deer and elk hunting in the San Juan Mountains. Either way, they are a lot more work than a drop camp. The key to success in these areas is to get off your ATV and burn some boot leather. If you've been wanting to go on a Cheap Hunting Trip (Semi or Self-Guided Elk Drop Camp hunt) in Colorado, New Mexico, Canada, or anyplace else that offers great elk and mule deer hunting, you can start here at This is truly wilderness hunting on horseback - where the elk are. We offer trophy mule deer, elk, mountain lion, moose, bison, and spring bear hunts in the Wyoming Region G, Jackson Hole Wyoming, and the Teton Wilderness, and Cody Wyoming areas. You need to get away from the crowds and get off the beaten track to find elk. We take pride in our camp which consists of guest tents, a guide tent, and one large cook tent. ELK. This is a quality elk hunt, shooting average bulls. Our success rate has been 80% over the last 3 years, with bulls averaging 5×5’s or 6×6’s. We will come back with horses to pick you up after the five days is up. You will be hunting elk in their living room, a living room that can sometimes be several square miles in size. We have great habitat and our elk numbers continue to be strong. If cell service is not available a drop camp locations Satellite phone rental is encouraged. Our Wyoming elk hunting camp is located in the Bridger - Teton National Forest in Western Wyoming, 40 miles up the famous Greys River, just east of Idaho border.. Greys River hunt area is centered in a very productive Trophy elk hunting area with 6 point bull elk scoring well over 300 points. Pro Tip: It’s one thing to try on your fully loaded pack in your garage and think you can handle the weight; it’s a different story when you’re hiking for hours at 11,000 feet. We have been in business since 1982 and are 5th generation Wyoming-its. Some drop-camps will also provide cooking gear, firewood, and sometimes food. Following an early pre-dawn breakfast, your day will begin by riding out on horses and mules to gain elevation to glass and hunt elk. Top Gift Ideas that Hunters are Guaranteed to Love, The Turnbull-Finished Marlin 1895 Reviewed, Meet Matt Kucharski, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever Chairman of the National Board of Directors. Working out year-round to stay in shape to hunt the mountains has also become a priority. If you’ve never elk hunted before, you could consider a fully guided trip an investment in your elk hunting education. drop camps. The quality of bulls on our leases has been greatly improving over the last few years and we have harvested several bulls in the 270-340 class range. When you’re on the mountain you’re out of luck if you forgot a key piece of equipment, so a little advance planning and preparation can help ensure that you have a great hunt. You can carry significantly more gear and set up a very comfortable camp when truck camping, and you can go as basic or as extravagant as you like. We then set up a large tent for our kitchen and a large gear tent. A big benefit of this type of hunt is you can cover more ground and camp where you find elk. Copyright © 2020 HuntTested LLC. $2,750.00. We have tried several types of elk hunts, starting with large outfitter tent near the trailhead and hiking in, Horseback drop camp, DIY horse rental, this year I transported 2 horses from Tennessee and we packed them in with our lightweight gear. At 7 Lazy P Outfitting, we offer drop camp hunts for both elk and deer that are available during archery and early rifle seasons and the first week of the general season (late October).. Drop camp hunts work well with a group of two to four hunters, with each hunt including everything you need for a comfortable stay. How can I lighten my load? Even first time elk hunters enjoy excellent success at a very economical cost. Semi-Guided. You bring your own food, sleeping bag with a foam pad and drop cloth or cot, personal gear, rifle, and game license. Elk, Deer, Bear, Mountain Lion Drop Camps. On the truck camps that I’ve been a part of, instead of a tent, we used a snowmobile trailer as a shelter. Hunting is conducted from horses, side-by-side UTV's, and walking. Because you’re carrying your entire ca… Our General Permit, Deluxe Camp Elk Hunts are conducted on a large, exclusive private ranch lease in the timbered foothills of the Snowy Range Mountains of South Central Wyoming! This is a hunt for minimalists who like to rough it. For instance, Cowboy Country Outfitters may never be the largest outfitter or even have the most private land to hunt on. I think a bivy hunt is one of the more interesting hunts to plan because it’s a game of ounces. It is a very remote area, and we seldom see hunters, due to the location, and rough terrain. It also requires that you are in top physical shape. Because you’re carrying your entire camp with you, every ounce matters so buy the best ultralight gear that your budget allows. We hunt Moose Area 3 and 5. Here’s a food list from a recent truck camping hunt. We also offer both guided and DIY unguided drop camps for fly fishing, bait fishing, and ice fishing. Coffee packets (Starbucks Via makes excellent instant coffee), Precooked chicken, tortilla, shredded cheese, Bow (Matthews Halon 32 with Blackgold Sights), Release – a spare (If you lose your release on the mountain and don’t have a backup, it’s game over), Compass, map, Garmin Oregon, (extra batteries), Fire (Bic, fire steel, matches. 8 day hunts. This allows you to hunt on foot from camp, eliminating the need for horses or long hikes to get into good hunting. For non-bivy hunts, I’ve found that planning simple meals and precooking as much as I can and freezing in vacuum bags is the way to go. If you’re going to read one book on elk hunting, Cam’s book should be the one. Rocky Mountain Elk were introduced into the Cle Elum area in the 1920's from the Yellowstone herd in Wyoming. I like that I can use it as a daypack, or load it up for bivy hunting and that it allows me to carry the first load of meat back without having to hike back for a frame pack.

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