So do you have an example of one of those discoveries that you had that then informed a content decision that was, like that decision was affirmed or your gut guess as to why something was successful is like, hey, we did this and then we actually experienced success again because of our time analyzing and looking at content? My husband Bjork and I live in Minnesota. So glad you and your husband loved the recipe, Samantha! Lindsay Ostrom: Yeah. Lindsay Ostrom: So like, their end goal wasn’t people to go to or to buy a product, their end goal was to get people on social media talking about this idea of Google supporting small businesses. And that’s not even something people can see, that’s just something I see on the back end is like, you know, all these people responding saying, oh, yum, that looks so good, or even responding with a question. Lindsay Ostrom: Yes. You always want to own the land, and they use blog and email as an example. This looks so good!!! So, can you talk about, it’s one thing to build a following and to have people engaging with your content but it’s another thing to actually like fold that into the business and create revenue from it. I mean, c’mon, just look at these lovely ladies ???? Lindsay Ostrom: So even today, I was flipping through my account, my personal account before this because I was just poking around kind of thinking, getting my mind on the Instagram track. How cool that you know how to make paneer! Lindsay Ostrom: Yeah, for sure. So the point is, what we’re trying to do is, I think more than anything, it’s being intentional which is a word that I use a lot in the podcast, and really thinking through what your approach and your strategy is. Can’t wait to have this for dinner tonight. Everybody wants to figure out what are the ways that I can grow this thing, not only because it’s easy to see those numbers and to see which direction they’re going, but also because growth a lot of times can correlate to success within a business. Okay. I think for me and for the Pinch of Yum account, like that was a significant shift was when I started to take my random pictures out of the feed. Pinch of Yum - 974.54k Followers, 446 Following, 53961 pins | Pinch of Yum - a food blog with simple, tasty, and (mostly) healthy recipes. I share recipes that I like and I think Lindsay is doing the same thing? My husband and I loved it 🙂. So glad you enjoyed the recipe! 6,127 Likes, 98 Comments - Pinch of Yum (@pinchofyum) on Instagram: “This Cashew Chicken is very easy, silly delicious, and it is calling your name. I wish I was a baker. I often don’t have cinnamon sticks or whole dried red chile peppers on hand, so I’m just sharing what I use instead which is ground cinnamon and red pepper flakes. Lindsay Ostrom: I’m just looking at this right now. 1433 Comments. Find @pinchofyum Instagram stats and other social media profiles and rankings. Because otherwise you burn out. Lindsay Ostrom: And at the point when we’re analyzing this and we start to find like, hey, you know what, people, this isn’t engaging for people, they’re done with this. Thanks. Discover daily instagram statistics, earnings, followers attribute, relevant followers and posts. I would hold my phone and then like, you can imagine. Lindsay Ostrom: One of the things with deleting is like, I’m not, it’s not like deleted gone for good. I don’t have any like, you know, always on this day I delete it and always on this day, but I do have in my mind, I feel like I have these kind of protected times that are like no Instagram times. Lindsay Ostrom: People might feel like, hey, I already saw that. Tag @pinchofyum on Instagram so we can find you! Bjork Ostrom: But on that note of actually not working like side by side or really deeply integrated into the things that we’re doing day to day, it’s interesting to note, we’re almost like, I feel like we kind of act as advisors for each other in the things that we’re doing. ----- Welcome to episode 210 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! We found it at a local Indian grocery store! The decisions that would swirl around in my head around something as stupid and like supposedly joyful as posting a picture of your dog, it just was too much. Bjork Ostrom: What I was going to say is not so much back that far, but one of the things that I’ve noticed about you is that you kind of have these like frameworks or rules that you use in life. So if something’s dinging at me all the time to pull up the app, like goodbye, I’m done, I’m not getting anything done and I’m just always thinking about that. Lindsay Ostrom: Another thing I’ll look at is like, when I’m in the right headspace, the number of likes, the number of shares, the number of saves, the number of comments, the type of comments. Bjork Solvi ☀️ Sage . Jun 8, 2020 - 3,597 Likes, 35 Comments - Pinch of Yum (@pinchofyum) on Instagram: “Like, you are going to want to paint the world with this chipotle tahini sauce, but might we…” In my challenge for people listening, if you don’t feel like you can get to the point where you’re deleting these apps off your phone, my challenge would be start by logging out. What do you think about adding chicken and/or peanuts to this. They took to their Instagram page to share with fans. Lindsay Ostrom: Ah, that’s really funny. So be sure to check that out if you are interested. These look so delicious! Like I think a lot of us, what we don’t realize is how much we actually thrive with some guidelines and structure and boundaries around the way that we operate. Are you carb-loading for a marathon? The aforementioned month (November 2016), when Pinch of Yum made $95,197.34, their expenses were $28,505.27. I mean, it would be great if it is and I think you guys will get a lot of value out of it if you guys end up coming and want one of these resources that we’ve put together for you. You’ll learn all about where the idea of a playbook originated, what has contributed the most to the Pinch of Yum account’s growth, why we believe engagement is the most important, and more. Lindsay Ostrom: But like, we really look at a lot of different, I think people would be surprised if they knew like how much time we spent and how much we really look at the numbers for each thing. It feels like it’s kind of been around forever. Each student photographs at their own window, and you can try different backboards, napkins, bowls, plates, and utensils for the perfect effect. This was fantastic! And that is Instagram. Pinch of Yum’s magic sauce, made with avocado, jalapeno, fresh lime juice, garlic, parsley, cilantro, and pistachios is truly lip-smacking good! I’m like no, no, no, no this is not Lindsay Momstrom. So, what does that look like for Pinch of Yum and how does it work to take some of that attention and turn that into revenue which is what business building is all about? Lindsay Ostrom: So, I think that was like a very early type of playbook rule long before I had the idea of like that this is a thing. Bjork Ostrom: Right. Feb 24, 2020 - Pinch of Yum on Instagram: “It’s not that we *haven’t* tried to live off of heavy cream-based things, it’s that we finally understand we probably shouldn’t (still…” Afton, 12/31/16 - 1/1/17 . Lindsay Ostrom: One of which is like when I get home from work and we have an hour before, well, before you get home, but like just an hour that I get to play with Solvi, and like I don’t want to be on Instagram during that time. )…” Explore. And it’s really interesting because I feel like I just kind of float and I don’t have any rules. Thanks Molly! Lindsay Ostrom: What about the Stranger Things dogs, you know I’m talking about? But if you are intentional about setting up, doing training, setting up some boundaries, having a routine …. But right now, there’s a lot of interaction that happens on Instagram. This was delicious and will definitely be made again! And then we go to a pre-recorded webinar that you and I did Lindsay, and there’ll be some screen shares and things that we can’t do in a podcast, which is really nice. We spruced it up with some new photos a few years ago, and it’s still one of our ultimate easy-cozy … Make it a great day. Spice Substitutions: The cookbook I studied up on recommended using whole spices when possible – for example, cinnamon sticks and dried red chile peppers, as this is the traditional way to build the flavor base in a lot of Indian cooking. Was this something I had already posted on Instagram stories? And I’ve also had people send me an email, Hi, Lindsay Mostrom, like think that that is my last name. And again, we’re going to provide like the framework for that if you feel like you want. Pinch Of Yum shares an east toffee recipe. Tag @pinchofyum on Instagram so we can find you! A naturally sweet snacking muffin flecked with tiny bits of carrots, oats, dates, eggs, and maple syrup. What would you add to make it a little spicier? This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Lindsay Ostrom about her Instagram Playbook. Obviously, with social, sometimes what can happen is things can change, like Facebook can change an algorithm and that can go away. And also how relatable that is because I think that’s one of the hard things with social is that there’s these strong metrics that are attached to that and those metrics can impact your mood. And to be honest, I still kind of do this to this day, where like if I was on Instagram and happened across the content but didn’t want my mood to be affected one way or the other depending on how many likes something got, I would literally hold my thumb in front of the like number. 2. Holy … Lindsay Ostrom: I think one of the interesting things is just the stickiness of that and like you watch someone, you watch a person talking on Instagram stories and it’s just really compelling to watch. The first batch didn’t last 24 hours sharing it with family members. Bjork Ostrom: 10 years. 12/17/20 @ 3:40 pm. 57 Comments. Bjork Ostrom: So, we’re doing this event is coming up, it’s next week for those of you that listen to the podcast in real time. But I am torn between buying paneer or making it. Lindsay Ostrom: But I would just really encourage people to take the time to think through like, think through the why, think through what are you hoping to get out of this, think through how do I feel when I fill in the blank. There’s crunch, there’s…” Hi Kay! Bjork Ostrom: So, analogy, spot on, what would you add to it? Reply. So, sign up for that. Chris. Like it just, are the comments just like, oh yum, that looks good? Game over. Name * Email * Website. I have made this magic sauce three times in the past month. Oct 31, 2019 - All of the most popular pins and recipes from Pinch of Yum. But also, that’s how the Super Bowl pays for everything that goes on with the Super Bowl. Us, too.…” Simple, tasty, and (mostly) healthy recipes. Right here. Pile it up and fold it. And maybe you could even, if you get tired, you could jump on it and it would take you for a walk. Reply. 11.6k Likes, 202 Comments - Pinch of Yum (@pinchofyum) on Instagram: “Let’s cozy up with some shepherd's pie, shall we? So kind of like Harry Potter type beast or Game of Thrones, I haven’t actually seen Game of Thrones. There are other ways outside of that as well. I really appreciate that on POY’s Instagram stories they always have a slide that contains a disclaimer about the origins of the recipe and gives credit to the culture from which it originates–it would be cool if they would do that here, too, rather than just the very small print explanation of the recipe source at the bottom of the post. I think other people are unconscious to that. And a lot of times what that means for me is I literally have to delete the app off my phone. All Rights Reserved. Bjork Ostrom: And so, like you said, it’s not the main thing, but it’s also not something that we totally ignore and it’s an important piece of the puzzle, and Instagram being at the top of the list. Sign up for the Instagram Playbook event! Both would be great additions! Is there a substitute you would recommend to use instead of heavy cream for the sauce? But Lindsay M. Ostrom is my personal Instagram page. So, when you think of growth as it relates to Pinch of Yum on Instagram, what are some of the things, the rules or not even necessarily rules, but what are some of the kind of frameworks or filters that you view growth through as you think of Pinch of Yum and Instagram? it’ really a simple and unique recipe. Wow, such a delicious dish. Just wish paneer was easier to find. Discover daily instagram statistics, earnings, followers attribute, relevant followers and posts. That’s not a joke. Bjork Ostrom: Yeah, that’s awesome. I need to start applying some of these to Instagram and what did that change look like as you started to develop some rules? So I’m constantly thinking about things like, hey, I posted this on Instagram stories. And for us with Pinch of Yum, that meant going to like an all food account. The changes I made from the original include subbing some ground spices in place of whole spices and adjusting the veggie-to-liquid ratios a bit. But he was talking about Instagram. ★☆. Ground pork browned with garlic and ginger, sautéed carrots and cabbage cooked down in some soy sauce and chili paste, a … Boundaries, branding, and that’s a really important section so there’s like seven or eight different pieces of that as you kind of develop your branding for the content playbook. Bjork Ostrom: So I just thought that was really fascinating and an important thing to lead off with. It’s like, well, maybe work on the blog, it would have other places that’ll work, but it works really well on Instagram because you can publish it at a certain time period and people are in that mindset and it’s not like they need that to be really long tail. I missed out on this last year, and this year I did NOT want that to happen. And I think the best type of sponsored content is similar, where people don’t feel like it interrupts what they’re doing. Drinks. And we’re actually doing great, you know what I mean? People might find your one piece of content on the discover tab or they might find it in other places besides just on the listing of your feed. And you can just use your decisions as an example. So it is a 360 degree, no, it’s a 180, it’s not 360, 180 degree difference before I press record, where like neither of us have to be on. Lindsay Ostrom: But another thing that we look at is specifically top content. And so, a lot of times, there are opportunities to do fun things with brands, especially things that would be like experiential or just being able to show things in a more up close and personal way. To go back and listen to that episode, click here. So yeah, Pinch of Yum, just @PinchofYum or Lindsay M. Ostrom, just a little bit obnoxious, we’ve been trying to get just regular Lindsay Ostrom for a while now, but I don’t know, nobody’s using it and can’t figure out how to get it. Bjork Ostrom: Yeah. Lindsay Ostrom: Was that a question, I don’t know. You need to do research on that so that you know how many years we’ve been married. How do those two things coexist? So I love to think about that as the triple win where it’s a win for all parties. It would probably be-. Bjork Ostrom: All right. I’ve been following this for years and I remember this. (Which, honestly, is kind of what I’ve been doing lately. Bjork Ostrom: You can have an invisible fence, exactly. Along the way, she gained enough regular readers to start selling ads and hire a support team. And so, essentially, what it is extracting that information that you have as your playbook for Instagram and then kind of packaging that up into a thing. Patio night drink? It has always been one of my favorite sources for Indian recipes because of the step by step photos, and every recipe I’ve tried over the years has been awesome (and there have been many). How you can sign up for our free, virtual event next week. – tofu instead of paneer Your email address will not be published. Bjork Ostrom: This is like a like, it’s like a wolf dog, that’s what I’m imagining in my head, like a big wolf dog that like goes up to, like if it stands up, it’s the same. We can survive winter with this. It’s not like we’re ignoring metrics and just going with our gut on everything. Bjork Ostrom: So, let’s talk about some of the things with the playbook. Lindsay Ostrom: And so for brands that are working usually with like less budget than doing like the full package and/or wanting that quick attention, a lot of times an Instagram only sponsored project is a really good fit for them because we’re able to, like you kind of said before, we’re able to like, I don’t really like the word leverage, I know that’s like a businessy word but we’re able to share maybe, like share access to our audience and to the people who are, like you said, paying attention to what we do and able to kind of make it a win-win-win, where the brand gets to be in front of these people who are watching what we do, and the people who are watching, it’s a win for them because they get valuable recommendations and valuable content day in and day out. Can you prepare a day or two before? It’s always interesting to me to hear what those are and then look and see like, oh yeah, that is true. And I said that at the beginning and I really believe that. All those different things are like pieces of our puzzle. So, that’s really the most important one to me is like, and I think one thing that really interesting and people might find this interesting to know, but like, I will sometimes get as many likes on my posts or likes or engagement or whatever on my posts on my personal account, which has, gosh, what 37,000 followers, not even 40,000 followers, I’ll get as many likes as I do on the Pinch of Yum. A couple other boundary things that I have developed even in the last year are related to like how much time I spend on the app and like what things I do or don’t do. Lindsay Ostrom: Ready, and then I go, hey, thanks for having me on. I think, yeah, I think it was actually pretty good. And so, they can really only pick one spot, they can’t do the full thing, but they just want one spot. But we’re going to walk through each one of the different seven areas that we outlined as important areas that you said, hey, as I think about Pinch of Yum, as I think about what I’ve built, as I think about the framework that I view Pinch of Yum’s Instagram operating within, these are the things that I think are really important. Would I need more liquid? Guys, the day has arrived! And it’s quirky a little bit, maybe neurotic. But even if not, like even if it’s just your own, just right now you just want to take 15 minutes and like think through some things and jot down some notes, like making decisions about how you’re going to operate within this space, Instagram, is just super important in taking that weight off your shoulders so that you don’t have to decide every time. And that doesn’t mean that you can ever break them, it actually allows you to break them better and to know how to go outside of that in a way that like still fits within your big picture goals.

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