The main reason Kona coffee is expensive is due to the limited supply, on average 2.7 million pounds of coffee beans are produced each year and a large amount of that is sold directly from the farmers. Being famous and expensive, it’s also often a target for bootleggers. Farmers in Hawaii think it’s specialty coffee because it’s so expensive, but a lot of our coffees just aren’t very good.” Coffee was first brought to the Kona region of the Big Island in 1813; by the late 1800s, merchant Henry Nicholas Greenwell had established the region as an internationally recognized brand. Kona coffee is the market name for coffee (Coffea arabica) cultivated on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the North and South Kona Districts of the Big Island of Hawaii. Kona also has perfect weather (and that is coming from a native Californian), with mild mornings and warm afternoon rains. Kona Coffee – Why So Expensive? Quality … Koa Dark Roast Kona Coffee. High-quality single-origin coffees are very rare to come by. It is a rainforest and has to have special temperatures and the right amount of rain fall. Kona Coffee is typically farmed meticulously by small family farmers on plots less than.. Let's Talk About Tropical Soil Sustainability. Without this, nothing else would matter. A delightfully magnificent mixture that uniquely combines quality … Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy Coffee. Ever wonder why Kona coffee is so expensive? Every Step of the Coffee-Making Process is Done By Hand. Rooster Farms is an all-organic farm which does not use any chemical inputs. Q3. Here is assessment from Sweet Maria's Coffee Library . It is not widely grown. It is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Why Is Kona Coffee So Expensive? 27 August 2015. A tri-pack of classical dark roast Kona beans from Koa Coffee. The average weather on Kona is about 70F, perfect for the coffee tree. You may recognize the coffee from Hawaii and the Kona Coffee name because it is often more expensive than other coffees and is considered by many to be a … One of the most common questions people ask about Kona Coffee is “Why so expensive? The Kona region best suited for bean-growing is small and the manual harvesting being done by the Hawaii coffee company adds more cost and time and results in a more expensive and extra fancy product. A look at the 2011 Kona coffee retail price shows options ranging from $7 to $55 per pound. Compared to other coffees, Hawaii Kona coffee is relatively expensive. Well, the answer is multilayered, and has to do with many factors, including location, single origin vs. blend coffee, organic coffee beans, exclusive origin, high labor costs, and availability. 20 price range being typical for a bag of 100% Kona coffee (organic ranging up to about $35 per pound Real Kona coffee is expensive because the cost of production in Kona is so expensive. You can see why Kona coffee is so expensive when you consider how limited each harvesting season really is! Why Is Kona Coffee So Expensive?? Why Is Kona Coffee More Expensive? There are a few reasons why Kona coffee has become one of the most expensive and sought-after coffees in the world. Hawaiian Gold Kona Blend Coffee. Why is Kona Coffee Expensive? Why is Kona Coffee More Expensive? WHY IS KONA COFFEE SO EXPENSIVE? Check the label of Kona coffee packaging. Each cherry must be put through a piece of machinery called a pulper within 24 hours of being picked. Listed backwards, talk-show style. If the price is low then the coffee is probably fake. This variety today is called Kona Typica, and it is the island’s preferred coffee bean. Many choose to do so, as labor costs in Hawaii are at a premium and housing for low wage workers is nearly impossible to find on the island.

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