An XML file or page on a website that is used for listing all of the pages and posts so that Search Engines can see them is known as Sitemap. 20. 35. CSS includes the rules for the presentation of HTML, CTA- Call to Action Examples-Souce-business2community, Very common term of Digital Marketing Glossary that can be defined as an element on a web page that is used for  pushing visitors towards any specific action or conversion, CTR-Click Through Rate Formula-Source-Predikkta, The ratio that tells how many times an advertisement is clicked on, compared to how many times it is shown is Click Through Rate, A web page that includes and highlights aggregate data regarding the performance of a marketing campaign or website is Dashboard. It can also be used for business purposes with the help of Google My Business page that includes all the information about a business, An Analytics platform created by Google, which is and used for analyzing nearly every aspect of a website’s performance, Online advertising platform of Google that allows advertisers to reach customers via search and display networks. 25. An alternative text that is added to HTML code for images that lets vision impaired website visitors get details of an image. It is one of the important SEO practices because it appears in Search Engine Results. Digital Marketing can be an intimidating field to handle if you are a newbie. Stands for Electronic Commerce that defines those businesses, which are conducted online such as an online retailer who sells products and services direct to the consumer. These are the most popular suggestions for Online Marketing Keywords generated by WordStream's Free Keyword Tool.To get have all of these keywords sent to you, simply enter your Email address and click "Email Keywords" below. Take your pick from a variety of tools to boost revenues, reach prospects, and make new customers. Passion wants to make the digital marketing world more accessible to everyone, especially since our industry is often riddled with acronyms and complicated language. Allows webmaster to collect the statistical data and information about the performance of a website or marketing campaign. 2. It causes ranking issues for all the websites that have same content. 34. money-back. By many rights, one might have expected to find Adobe on the register of companies disrupted by digital. The websites discovered here were optimized for the keyword “buy electric vehicles” and hence ranked higher. The Full form is Help a Reporter Out, “#” is Hashtag and it is used in social media as a way for tagging content so that users can find them easily. Sometimes, even seasoned Digital Marketing Professionals do not know all the Digital Marketing Terms, plus, new terms get added in Digital Marketing Glossary on a regular basis. So, proper keyword research should be done before finalizing the keywords and the “target keywords” must match the content and the goal of the website. You want customers to think and feel something specific when they hear your company’s name. Without any more ado, let us delve into this-, A method that permanently redirects a visitor from one web page to another web page. Satisfaction. The portion of URL that comes after .com is called as Slug and it also play very significant role in optimizing search ranking of page. As you scroll down, you can also see various websites. The meta tags in HTML are used to describe the content of the page. | Understanding Digital Marketing, Google BERT Update - October 2019 | Jainish Shah Blog, Interview with SEO Expert Roshan Samuel Ambler | SEO King, SEO tactics that can get you in trouble. Because of such activities, Bot is also known as a “crawler” or a “spider”. Sometimes, even seasoned Digital Marketing Professionals do not know all the Digital Marketing Terms, plus, new terms get added in Digital Marketing Glossary on a regular basis. Required fields are marked *. Bing lets users enjoy search services for web, image, video, and map search product, A pay-per-click advertising platform that allows advertisers to run Ads on both the Bing and Yahoo search engines in the same very manner as Ads run on Google, When an SEO or Digital Marketer uses tactics that are unethical via some spammy tactics to rank websites then it is called as Black Hat SEO or Digital Marketing practice, Blog is a Web Page or a website that connects with users or target-audiences via fresh new content regularly to inform, attract, engage and convert visitors to that page or site, Bot automates the task that human does-Source-SlideShare. However, this jargon is the only way to understand the best strategies, tactics, and optimizations available to your business. A metric that quantifies a user of a website who visits a site for a particular period of time is called Visitors, Another form of World Wide Web that is developed for the shift from static web pages to dynamic content along with social media and user-generated content, A seminar on the web is called as Webinar. Thanks for sharing. 4. It is designed to help search engine crawler bots find all of the pages of a given website quite easily, A social review platform and search engine that lets users leave reviews for different businesses. According to Wikipedia-. Data Science – Saturday – 10:30 AM Full form is Hyper Text Markup Language. The words which are used to search about something on search engines are the keywords. When you add Hashtag to a post, it will let users find that post when they search for the same topic, The top portion of a webpage that includes the logo and menu or an HTML section in the code of website that comprises the information about the site, Certain code is placed in header section to find things like Schema Markup, Adwords Code, Analytics Code, and other tools, Used for categorizing different text headings in a web page. We have gathered for you the 60 best Marketing quotes (plus a bonus), in order to kickstart your 2017.. Learning from the best is always a good practice. 7. Success. It pulls information from different data sources and showcases them in easiest possible way, An umbrella term that incorporates all kinds of online marketing activities such as SEO, PPC, CRO, web design, blogging, content, and any other form of advertising on the web, A website that is used for categorically listing of other websites that have similar themes for example chambers of commerce (a list of businesses in one geographic area) that can be beneficial for SEO, Online Ads or advertisements on a display network that may include images, video, flash, and audio, which can be seen on blogs, news sites, social media and other places on the web, Display Network & Search Network Difference-Source-iSpionage, A network of those sites and apps that show display ads on their web pages is Display Network. – An ultimate guide to AIDA in digital marketing, Top 25 Digital Marketing Institutes in Delhi, Interview with Amit Panchal, Digital Marketing Consultant.

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